At Advanced Ceramics, we believe the best way to enhance the quality of patient care in the dental health industry, is to create a partnership between dentists and dental laboratories. As partners, your concerns are our concerns: creating attractive cases that seat easily and restore function; offering the latest advances in dental technology; giving outstanding service and value; and providing the best possible restoration for patients. We understand that high quality results begin in the dental office and continue on through the laboratory process. A crown that fits properly, with shading that looks vital and blends well with the oral environment is no accident.

Using the finest materials available, along with close quality control, we are able to offer beautiful, life-like restorations to our clients and their patients. Concise attention to detail is given to every stage of the process. We take pride in using only the best restorative systems, be it PFM's, All-Ceramic, Gold Work, or Implants. Our combination of state-of-the-art equipment and continuous education in the latest techniques plays a large role in the quality of your restoration.

Our lab is dedicated to your practice of dentistry and your patients' oral health. We are owned and operated by Josh Quinet, a certified dental technician, who maintains leadership and skills through membership in dental industry organizations and involvement in nationally recognized certification and continuing education programs. Recently, Mr. Quinet trained at The Dawson Academy under Dr. Peter Dawson.

Certified Dental Technician